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11 November 2011

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28 October 2011

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Salmon Cascades
27 September 2010

Recent Comments

priya on Mantaray
Supeb narayana!!

L'Angevine on Raindrops seen from an aeroplane window
oh excellent

Moridi on Raindrops seen from an aeroplane window
Very nice. Superb.

beach on Raindrops seen from an aeroplane window
Good shot. And your fellow passengers were thinking, Look at that guy, taking pictures of the window.

Devi on Peppers!
amazing colours !! Lovely mood here...went through your portfolio:)))

Devi on Zoom shot, Yercaud
Ah!! The three of them!! Nice capture !

Devi on Misty morning, Yercaud

Devi on Mantaray
WoW !!! That's superb!

Devi on Mouth in feet?
ha ha ha !! That's creative for sure!

Devi on Naples, FL
Lovely sea, waves and the foam!

Devi on Birds on Beach
That's cute !! They seem to enjoy walking here!

Devi on Ritz Carlton, Naples, FL
Lovely image....

Devi on View from Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL
Wonderful !! You have proved that the earth is round:))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Devi on Raindrops seen from an aeroplane window
Beautiful outcome !! I love water droplets!!! I love the gradation of light here:)

L'Angevine on View from Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL

L'Angevine on Ritz Carlton, Naples, FL

Shaahin Bahremand on Ritz Carlton, Naples, FL
beauty shot

L'Angevine on Birds on Beach
génial cette avancée

L'Angevine on Naples, FL

L'Angevine on Mouth in feet?

beach on Mouth in feet?
Most unusual cup holders.

L'Angevine on Mantaray

estel on Mantaray

Marie-France on Mantaray
Superbe ! bravo !

Dimitrios on Mantaray
Most impressive, aquarium?

Le Krop on Misty morning, Yercaud
Très très beau.

LauraS on Zoom shot, Yercaud
Great shot here. Nice.

Keith on Hurricane Ridge, Seattle
Beautiful picture!

Mithun Varma on Peppers!
Perfecto! Love the melange of colors.

Mithun Varma on Vrrrooommm
Naaaaaaaaiiiiiiceee :)

Céline on Peppers!
Nice shot !

Nishana Minhaz on You watch my back, I'll watch yours.
Ha ha! Loved the title and the expressions! Reminds me of Timon from Lion King.. :D

Nishana Minhaz on Elephant Bay, Andaman
Wow.. Andaman seems to be a photographer's paradise.. I could get lost here, happily! Hmm.. Some day, Ill go too ...

Philnz on Toys being sold at Elliot's Beach, Chennai
Well done I like photo Just the sort of Photo I would take myself.

jay on Vrrrooommm
Nice Shot

Ralf Kesper on Vrrrooommm
Good traffic catch!

Pedro_eric on Why are you photographing me?
Lovely capture.

Mithun Varma on Elephant Bay, Andaman
Brilliant! A little more light would have done good I feel. Shutter speed seems a tad too high.

Mithun Varma on Majestic Crab
Nice capture! I remember photographing a similar one in Andaman..

Sien on You lucky frog!
Very nice snap shot!

Mithun Varma on RBG
RGB? ;) Nice colors btw..

Mithun Varma on Lighted conch shell
Mukalile kathaapaathram paranja mathiri Frenchil paranjaal.. Polappan.. :)

L'angevine on Lighted conch shell
pas mal cette lumière

London Caller on Cresent Lake, Seattle

L'angevine on Cresent Lake, Seattle
je prends volontiers le chemin vers le lac

Stephen on Stained Symmetry
Well seen - looks like an abstract work of art!

L'angevine on Stained Symmetry
j'apprécie cet aspect de bois vieilli

Sien on Port Blair, Andaman Islands
Very nice landscape image Great shot

L'Angevine on Port Blair, Andaman Islands
elle est belle cette vue,les habitants ont de la chance

Ashwin Sudhir on Port Blair, Andaman Islands
If I may say so, the best of the lot :)

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